Flowers and Events by Dani has been in the event planning industry since 2010.
A lot of our clients would always ask if we knew a photography studio where they can take their photographs professionally done indoors. We heard you and we acted on it!
We also have decided to venture out and open our doors for other artists and entrepreneurs to have a safe place to RENT to let their artistic minds flow, generate content, and build their brand --- therefor, that is how Flowers and Events by Dani STUDIO was created.

Express Yourself

It can be a small moment in your daily life, or a significant one such as weddings and graduations.

Time slips away without you being present. Preserve the moment by documenting your personal experiences with your family and friends. Our studio sets the tone for every mood-from intimate vibe to jovial and everything in between.

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    Flowers and Events Studio caters to videographers, photographers, event planners, bridal entourage, and anyone else needing a large space to shoot. We have cameras, cables, a range of lighting modifiers and equipment which will allow you to have complete creative control in getting the style of image/video you want. Moreover, the place is set up in a completely networked facility that provides wifi and video streaming capabilities. Needless to say, you have complete control of the environment. No need to worry about unnecessary shadows / colour casts from the natural light.

    Our goal is to make your stay comfortable and memorable. You have the aIr-conditioned space to work and the access to necessities such as toilets, lounge, changing areas, and make-up station.

    What's more? We are located inside the mall which makes unloading, parking, and getting something to eat a breeze!

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In-House Photographer

Photography is both a science and an art, requiring technical skill and artistic vision. The knowledge of light, composition, and perspective creates images that convey emotions, tell stories, and beautifully capture moments in time.

We are fortunate to partner with Kevin Balagtas photography, a renowned company with over 10 years of professional experience.

Outdoor photoshoots are welcome, too!

Inquire at Kelvin Balagtas Photography for a quote and an appointment.

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